Full Manual


Water drop in cyan and magenta. © 2018 Jim German Photography


Dogwood Challenge Week 3: Full Manual

Though the speedlight (1/8 power) freezes the motion water droplet, the ability to manually set the exposure triangle is necessary. Due to constraints in lighting placement, shutter speed is 1/60 rather than the customary image-stopping shutter speed of 1/250 that I have seen used in water droplet photography. Aperture of f/8 maintains a deeper depth of focus that rather than the wider aperture that P or S might have chosen in low light. ISO 100 to ensure lowest potential for noise in the image.

Other “manual” attributes of this shot: Custom made drip support from 34″ length of  3/4″ PVC pipe drilled at ends to mount on light stands and center drilled to insert eyedropper. $0.98 rolls of cellophane (cyan and magenta) from Walmart.

Look Ahead

The setting sun casts a shadow upon Clifton Road on a Friday afternoon drive in February 2018. © 2018 Jim German

Photography is sometimes about capturing fleeting moments. There was a time when I would have overlooked this image before and after the camera, let alone published it. Before, because it is just a routine thing, the sunset. After, because it might not be what someone else would think was a perfect shot. When you are “looking ahead,” it becomes something more than routine. It may not be perfect, but it was that fleeting moment that represented Looking Ahead.