Special Message for Junior Families

Dear Junior Band Parents,

By now, you probably associate me as the band photographer, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed many of the images I’ve shared over the years on the UA Band Photos Facebook page. I’ve been a photographer for nearly 35 years, sometimes for money but always for the love. After thousands of shutter clicks and hundreds of hours of editing the images from eight wonderful years of Friday nights, parades, and concerts, I can’t believe this chapter of the story will be coming to a close. Like all good books, each chapter brings new angles to the story, and as I begin to write the next one, I would like to include you in it.

The next chapter hinges around the transition that is fast approaching for both of us: Senior year and beyond. For me, it is sending John to college and exploring creative ways to help pay for it. For you it is choosing a photographer for senior portraits. College, we all know, is quite expensive, especially with the extra cost of sending your child out of town (You mean there are other schools beside Ohio State?) or even out of Ohio. With photographers, you can pay several hundreds, or even a thousand dollars and get great photos of your senior and a case of buyer’s remorse.

At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial … What if there were a creative way for me to help offset the cost of my son’s college expenses and help you get more value from your senior portrait experience?

When I offered to take on the role of picture day photographer, I wanted it to work in such a way that there would be mutual benefit. More importantly I wanted it to be of value to you and to the band program. I have decided to take that model and apply it to reviving my own photography business outside the realm of band—to offer you amazing images that capture your senior and their personality for a price I hope you find to be equally as amazing, so as to give you high-value, affordable options that you can appreciate.

Senior pictures might not seem like a big deal to your student, or they might be the biggest thing to come down the pike. Either way, those pictures will be appreciated one day when they look back on their senior year and wonder how they made it. Because I am a photojournalist and storyteller at heart, I will work to capture them as who they are and what they aspire to be. You will receive photos that are timeless classics, as well as ones that let your senior express themselves. Both will be your senior’s true self.

Visit jimgerman.photography/seniors now to learn more and book your session. Let’s enjoy writing this next chapter!

Your photographer,

Jim German